Asphalt Maintenance

Asphalt Maintenance Programs:

Tri-Valley Excavating provides comprehensive and competitive asphalt maintenance programs for property owners and managers. An asphalt maintenance program provides necessary asphalt repairs, seal coat, striping and concrete services, as well as ADA-compliant upgrades. Prior to the construction process, we meet the property owner or manager on-site and discuss the proposed scope of work. Our experienced estimators provide detailed proposals at a fair price, also providing maps indicating all areas of the property that will be addressed in the work. Our goal is to complete asphalt maintenance with both quality control and attention to detail. We provide the material submittals to the property contact as a basis for the quality of the products used in our services. We also include detailed specifications as to the service processes and notification letters outlining the potential impact to tenants. In providing asphalt maintenance, we are able to accommodate the tenants by scheduling the work in phasing, or allotting specific areas to be completed on specific dates. Our field crew works weekdays or weekends to assure the least inconvenience to the tenants and patrons of the properties being updated. Proper asphalt maintenance can more than double asphalt life and raise property values.

Asphalt Repair:

Asphalt repair is required when the existing asphalt is broken, cracked, alligatored or unraveled If a large area of asphalt is badly damaged, it can spread to other areas of the property; the most cost-effective answer is to remove and repair the asphalt. Asphalt repair is the comprehensive removal and replacement of existing asphalt with new hot-mix asphalt, which is then compacted to create a structurally sound portion of asphalt. Asphalt repair can be completed in several locations, known as patches, or throughout the expanse of the property, depending on the amount of damage and the condition of the existing asphalt. Asphalt repair can be completed at depths of 2” – 18”. We prepare a comprehensive proposal for each property that address the areas in need of asphalt repair. We also providing a detailed map of the property indicating areas of repair and their relevant quantities so the customer knows exactly what their project involves. Asphalt paving is typically one-third the cost of a concrete surface of the same size.

Asphalt Overlay:

In some asphalt surfaces, there can be a slight disintegration of the top layer of asphalt that can be remedied by an overlay application of hot mix asphalt. An overlay is the placement of asphalt over an existing asphalt or concrete surface. A tack coat is spray applied to the asphalt surface before the overlay to promote bonding between the layers of asphalt. This fabric prevents or slows the existing cracks from reappearing through the newly overlaid surface. If the asphalt is extensively cracked, a layer of pavement reinforcing fabric may be placed between the existing asphalt and the overlay. It is best to complete an overlay upon early signs of asphalt damage as this unraveling can continue to grow and expand with time and weather, leading to asphalt failure. The knowledgeable estimators at Tri-Valley Excavating can determine the best course of action for your property. Our asphalt overlay services can restore the appearance of the property, as well as prevent further damage to the existing asphalt.


A sealcoat procedure entails the surface coating with an asphalt emulsion sealer aimed at protecting asphalt against moisture intrusion and raveling. Sealcoat is recommended as a protectant for new and existing asphalt surfaces against the weather elements. Depending on the level of wear of the asphalt surface, we apply either 1 or 2 applications of seal coat to the entire area. Asphalt surfaces can be remedied without the removal of asphalt if the integrity of the existing asphalt is such that damage only presents as small surfaces cracks or the sloughing or discoloration of a previous sealcoat application. Tri-Valley Excavating provides sweeping, blowing and vacuuming services in order to thoroughly clean the property in preparation for sealcoat. We will de-weed and clean all cracks, filling them with either a cold or hot pourable crackfiller, a process included in our sealcoat procedures. We apply our sealcoat in phases to accommodate the tenants and their schedule. The product is placed by experienced operators using seal machines, in order to create an aesthetically pleasing and uniformly applied surface. If the existing asphalt is in fairly good condition, the cost of a typical two-application sealcoat is pennies per square foot, making seal coat a cost-effective preventative maintenance option for property owners.


We provide competitive pricing to re-paint or replace stalls, lines, stencils and curbs. Tri-Valley Excavating completes all striping to be ADA compliant including stencils, signage, paths of travel and cross hatch. Additionally, we are proficient in grading and paving asphalt areas to match with current ADA standards. We also furnish and install bollards, bumper blocks and speed bumps. New striping can maximize the efficiency of traffic flow in a property and prevent accidents, such as centerlines, arrows, stops and yields. Our crew is able to personalize stalls with custom stencils and colors. A change in layout can maximize the parking spaces available to your customers. We have an in-house striping crew that can quickly and efficiently install new striping in a parking lot. Striping allows for the aesthetic revival of a property and increases pedestrian and vehicular traffic safety.