Tri-Valley Excavating is proud of its excellent safety record and attention to detail when it comes to safety and injury and illness prevention. We have a comprehensive Safety Plan and Injury and Illness Prevention Plan, implemented by an in-house safety officer who is Environmental Health and Safety certified. Our company has been consecutively free of accidents on our OSHA 300 logs and was awarded the Safety Award by the United Contractors (UCON) association in 2011.

We assess and evaluate the safety conditions utilizing job hazard analysis for each project. Our crew is extensively trained in safety including all members being trained in OSHA 10, First Aid and CPR, Slip, Trip and Fall, Confined Spaces, Hazard Communications and Lock-out, Tag-out procedures. We provide traffic control measures to protect pedestrian and vehicular safety on-site and adhere to local, state and federal requirements for all jobsites. With each project, we furnish a custom-made Safety Plan.

Our field crew arrives to jobs in proper personal protective equipment. We stay up-to-date on the items furnished to our employees such as safety vests, hard hats, safety glasses, gloves and boots. As a company, we encourage one another to stay current on our knowledge of the site conditions as well as current safety regulations. We hold daily safety training meetings at each jobsite, as well as office safety meetings to update all employees with current information regarding utilizing best practices and hazard analysis on a daily basis.

As team members, we are always looking out for each other’s safety no matter the location, yard, jobsite or travel time. We ensure that our fleet of equipment is well-maintained and adheres to local, state and federal standards for emissions. When we arrive to a project, we bring with us everything needed to ensure the safety of our employees and the property’s tenants. Tri-Valley Excavating is proud of its commitment to the safety and security of all personnel on and off the jobsite.